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De Buttek


Category:  Campaign, Social

Client:  Samsa Film


“De Buttek” is a Luxembourgish movie by Luc Feit, screened in late 2019. We helped Samsa Film to create the social media campaign as well as print media and the organization of the movie premiere, after developing a communication strategy for their specific audience.

With daily content on Samsa Film’s social networks, we managed to reach over 200.000 people within two months. 

The distribution of posters and flyers around Luxembourg City and the Nordstad region gathered important impressions for potential movie guests. 

We created and distributed branded coasters in bars all around the city. The coasters had a unique design, enabling guests to keep track of the drinks they ordered throughout their evenings. 

De Buttek is a Christmas movie. So we took our chance to create a gadget that fits the ambiance. Every guest of the premiere received a fair trade bag with an apple, a mandarin, and a “Boxemännchen”. Creating a no waste gadget was especially important for us. 

During the sold-out premiere, we created photos and video content so that our client kept the best memories of the evening.

To top it all off, we organized a Karaoke night for all the guests, producers, and actors to party together. Why Karaoke? If you have seen the movie, you know why! 


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