Our Work

VR Pavilion 2020.


Category:  Campaign, Event Content, Social

Client:  Film Fund Luxembourg


We created the social media campaign for the third edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival’s Virtual Reality Pavilion, held for the first time at the iconic setting of neimënster in the heart of Luxembourg City. Our challenge was to launch their social media presence from the ground up and to create a campaign for a subject that is still not entirely tangible for most people. 

With daily content before and during the event, we managed to reach over 250.000 people across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin.

To make VR more accessible to our potential festivalgoers, we organized a VR stand ahead of the event to trigger people’s attention on the VR Pavilion. We had fun to interact with our visitors and to speak with them about how they perceive Virtual Reality. This helped us to further define the communication for our campaign. 

Although the event was cut short due to Covid-19, the Pavilion was a great success and attracted higher visitor numbers than in the two previous years. 


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